About TML

TML Educare functions under umbrella of TML Asia, birthed to equip, train, mobilise and send qualified language teachers to engage and reach communities around Asia and Africa. It is headquartered on the tiny island of Penang, Malaysia, the founders of TML

After travelling around the world, the founders discovered that language accessibility was a crucial element that enables the engagement of two people from different worlds. It is the bridge that enables different cultures and backgrounds to be understood.

Therefore, it is the mission and vision of TML Asia to see peoples equipped by language and have knowledge of cultures to engage the world around them. To reach this vision, TML Asia is investing on providing accessible, affordable and internationally recognised certificates in language learning and education. Our ongoing online operation sees students from Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, Papua New Guinea, China and countries in the African continent.

All our courses are internationally recognised by the UK and are held online in a bid to achieve accessibility. Each module is taught by experienced lecturers that have caught the global goal of TML Asia.

We encourage you to reach out to us should you have any queries on our Contact Us page.